Our Specialities

  • Delicious Meals
  • Beautiful view of Boudha Stupa
  • Most hygienic cousine
  • Wood-fired Pizza
  • Home made pastas and more Organic Tea and Coffee
  • Cake and Apple Pie
  • Free Wi-Fi


Pizza is a world-popular dish of Neapolitan origin, made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference. Originating in Neapolitan cuisine, the dish has become popular in many different parts of the world.

Organic Tea and Coffee

Tea or coffee qualifies as organic only when environment-friendly techniques are employed in its production. The processing techniques are sufficient to make it highly unusual for any pesticides to be present in the end product. Consumers usually decide to buy because production is carried out using sustainable farming practices, specifically not allowing deforestation to occur as part of plantation farming techniques.


Wi fi is wireless technology which connects users to the internet using low power radio waves and access is simple - users log on to a home page, where they must subscribe to the service and a few short mouse clicks later the worldwide web awaits.


Pasta (Italian pasta, from Latin pasta "dough, pastry cake", from Greek παστά (pasta) "barley porridge"[1]) is a generic term for foods made from an unleavened dough of flour and water, and sometimes a combination of egg and flour. Pastas include noodles in various lengths, widths and shapes, and varieties that are filled with other ingredients like ravioli and tortellini. The word pasta is also used to refer to dishes in which pasta products are a primary ingredient. It is usually served with sauce.